Who is me?


Maisey is a Toronto based New Media Artist and student currently studying at Ryerson University.

She is an up and coming artist who describes herself as the following:

“I’m a huge tv junkie and spend an embarrassing amount of Tuesday nights at the theatres for cheap night movies. When I’m not numbing my brain with hours upon hours of pre-recorded entertainment I try to interact with the rest of the world in a strange mix of social media, friends, drinking, and late night calls with my roommates.

You’ll know I’m attending class from my over confident laugh. But don’t worry that confidence doesn’t cross over into my ego. I tend to be rather quiet upon first meet but I promise once I’ve accepted you as a cool kid you’ll be talking over me with a questioning look at my oddly humorous way of looking at life.

Over all my goals for this program and in life is just to make the most out of it and take as much away from everything as I can. I tend to look fearlessly into the future as part of my blindly living in the now lifestyle.

My interests and preferences are ever changing as I grow and desperately try new things. All in hopes that one day all of these little events and experiences will help me piece together the puzzle of Who I Am?”

Maisey was born in Windsor ON and grew up in the small town just south from there. Beginning her artistic career from a young age she always questioned and pushed the boundaries of her “colour in the lines” instructions. Her media awakening came with the development of MySpace and Facebook where she discovered her fascination with the “selfie”.  After her completion of high school she followed the mainstream and entered into University under the department of Nursing. After a reawakening she found her calling in Ryerson’s RTA School of Media for New Media.
Maisey works in a variety of mediums as she continually works towards her exploration of expression

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