I’m not crazy, You’re just misinformed

Yeah, so I’m a little weird and kinda-really different. But that’s just because I haven’t worked on any of my quirks. So some people may think its ignorance or laziness that has kept me from “acting my age”, “being a lady”, or altering these “characteristics” for the benefit of society. But I call it being super busy doing…. other stuff.

I’m not a danger to society, I’m well aware that there is no one else in the room for me to be talking to other than myself. 

Please put the straight jacket away, everyone talks to themselves! Well actually maybe not. I talk a lot. I’m known for having meaningful life discussions in the shower, my roommates are growing generally concerned with a number of times they’ve had to ask if there was someone else in the bathroom with me. What can I say, I think more clearly when I say my thoughts out loud and why burden someone else with all my problems when I can just talk to common sense or motivation out of myself.

I’ll be the first to admit this trait has certainly gotten out of hand, I mean I have an absurd amount of inside jokes with myself. Overall this has all led to shortcomings in my life: like when I burst out into random fits of laughter that I could never fully explain to an outside viewer, or when I receive a message and reply to it verbally without considering that just because it came out of my mouth doesn’t mean I actually responded. As you can imagine that has become very problematic.

I’m not a Know-it-All, I’m just well rounded

One of my many wonderful flaws is how knowledgeable I think I am. Now I’m nobody’s expert, and contrary to what my friends say, I don’t  know everything about everything. I just subconsciously memorise song lyrics, have a natural intuition for technology, and acquired a general interest in life. Which with the help of various search engines has earned me a surprising amount of random knowledge in a variety of subjects. Sure I have a lot of home remedies for everything from colds to taking the salt off leather, but I don’t find it that weird. Just like it’s not strange that I could give you tips on cooking lamb, explain what those red dots are on your back, assure you it’s not strep throat, explain the benefits of blueberries and other random things that I didn’t even know that I knew.

Shall I continue?

No. I can assure you that from personal experience that telling people why I’m not crazy is only funny to a certain extent and then it becomes concerning. And frankly it’s too early and I don’t know you well enough to leave you questioning my mental state. I will, however, assure that I have many other quirks that you may encounter while getting to know me. And for the moment I wouldn’t change any of them because they stop me from fading in.

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