What Even Is Life?


This is a poster to advertise an upcoming blog. The blog will be a collection of stories that describe some of the hardships, happiness, hilarity, and confusion that people have to face when trying to live life. The inspiration for this poster came from Instagram selfies that the people I’m following had posted, these pictures were of looks of confusion, stress, exhaustion, random memories of the prior night and so on. I actually had a lot of different designs for this poster so one of the challenges I had was choosing which one best intrigued the view to check out the blog. In the end, I choose this one, to me, it best represented the title of the blog and the main question. I used the skills I learnt in the lab to separate the shadows from the original picture and alter the fill and filter. I purposely chose to exclude the facial features from the picture as a way to not only give an anonymity to the person but also to leave it for the view to decide what the expression is. By doing this the poster can express multiple feelings which are similar to the all around emotions of the blog posts.

The picture itself was not dragged full to the edge, and although this may look like it was an error it was actually done intentionally. Although everyone may not agree I found that by bringing the shadow image to the edge look like the picture had been cut off. So I shifted it slightly over, in a crazy explanation I can go on to say that by doing this I gave my poster a feeling of incompleteness to the trained eye which in turn is a reflection of the incomplete journey and inability to answer the question “What even is life”.

For the typography, I chose to use three different types of fonts. The first set of text is the “What Even Is” I wanted to give the feeling of slight urgency as well as a beaten look, that’s why the font has a smaller kerning and I used a mask to create a worn look on the letters. For the word “Life” I wanted something more serious so I picked a font that had sharper edges, I also change the filter to soft light. I duplicated the text and placing it around the original word to give it the look of confusion or dizziness. Finally, I wanted the text at the bottom to be a mild call to action, so I went with a basic curved font using a grey and white solid colouring so that the message is plain and simple as to what I want the audience to do.

I chose the colour of the background because it is appealing for me to look at, I also found that this shade could translate through the multiple emotions depending on the viewer perspective. For the most part, this blog is targeted to younger adults, so the word I choice in the main text “what even is life” relates directly to the phrasing of that age dynamic. It is also a common question that I have found many people ask themselves, myself included, I found that it is a direct indication of what the blog may be about but it also has a broader meaning so it doesn’t limit the meaning.

Overall I found my work to be effective and appealing, I also found this design to be memorable which would make it an effect advertisement and promoter of the blog.

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