All I can picture is the green animated man at the end of Just for Laughs

whimpers, “Mommy it’s over!”

I’m actually going to miss this class, the lectures were always short and fun which made learning really easy for me. And we really got into it in the labs. One of the biggest things I’ll take away from this class is the tips and tricks to make my work look better. I feel like I improved from a basic creator to a few steps closer to the professional confident producer. My confidence has definitely increased to where I am proud and excited to post my work online for other to critic and look on.

I think one of my favourite things about this course was this blog, I’ve always had a secret want to start up a blog of my own. Looking through and reflecting on some of my previous posts it has really been an eye opener to the strengths I have as well as areas of my writing that I need work on. I guess one of my biggest goals for myself is to keep up with this blog and to find the inspiration and motivation to keep posting when I’m not doing it for a grade.

I have a lot of big ideas brewing in my imagination about some new media projects I would like to work on and a lot of the inspiration has come from different topics or pieces of work that we discussed in this class.

I’m really excited to continue with this program and I hope that next semester is just as amazing as this one has been. Hopefully, you’ll hear from me soon.

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