Oh I have a second to breathe? Time for Media Consumption!

I think our ongoing desire to track and share is a natural response to the technology we have, in a way I think people will look back to this time the same way that we look back to when the video camera was first created. Back to before they started recording shows and movies when they first had this technology and didn’t know what to do with it so they recorded everything. I think that many years from now that is how society will view today’s constant need to track and share everything. However, in today world, I think this overwhelming desire to share pictures of meals and selfies and track our every move is a lot of fun.

Over the last 24 hours, I have been very immersed in the digital world. As part of this week’s assignment, I had to keep a record of all of the time I used some sort of media. Now I knew by the end of the 24 hours I’d have a very long list. That’s why I choose to track myself on a day when I didn’t expect to spend an overwhelming amount of time on my laptop or with probably too much free time, instead I picked a day when I knew I would be rushing around to pack, get myself in order, go to an event, as well as be running to make it to class. This is why I was taken slightly by surprise when I noticed the ridiculous amount of time I was making a note of something I did that involved the media. It honestly felt like I was writing something or multiple things down every minute and a half.

As it would turn out, even on days when I’m crazy busy and always in the process or rushing to get things done I still manage to find the time to seemingly spend the majority of my day consuming media.

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