Does having multiple blogs mean I have commitment issues, or am I just an overachiever?

I find that one of the most common questions people ask me when they find out small bits of information is: “so do you have a blog?”

The simple answer, yes.

But this isn’t actually a simple question for me. Which I realise sounds like I’m over complicating a simple question and being stupidly personal about this entire thing… so just humour me.

Trust me the reason why it’s so difficult to answer that question easily is pretty simple: I have multiple blogs, probably too many blogs, but none of them are what I want my blog to be.

Here is my problem, I’m 20 years old. And most of my internet idols and influences are all getting on or surpassing 30. So?

So, even though we may have started on this wonderful internet experience together (or at similar times) they’ve always been a couple steps ahead of me. I mean maybe not with their technological abilities, but most definitely with that idea of knowing themselves. But what does that have to do with blogging?

Well, they already have their voice, they’ve developed opinions and tastes, they have experience, and frankly they tend to have an idea of what they want to talk about. And although my many blogs sometimes make me feel like I have a multiple personality disorder,  these different genres and types of blogs tend to reflect my life. (Go figure)

So where does that leave me with answering this question?

Well yeah,  I know how to blog, I mean I’ve have a few accounts over the years on different platforms where I have had experience posting about a variety of things: whether it be a super fan, fanfiction or dedication account; to something more personal; but I also have an account for school and an account where I repost things that I enjoyed.

Unfortunately, after vaguely listening to this carefully constructed response there is usually an equally horrifying follow-up question: “Well why don’t you promote your blogs, I would read it, and I’m sure everyone in the family and all your friends would  read it and pass it along too”

I’m sure they would read it, and I do look forward to the day when I can be responsible for a chain email being sent to my older relatives with instructions and a link to my blog. But I feel like I’m in prototype mode right now, I’m trying things out. And I guess right now that means that I don’t have a web address that will lead to something I’m confident and comfortable promoting myself through.

Well, that just sounds like a lazy excuse to me. You’re being stupid and missing out on your chance.

Yeah, I know. Trust me, no one critiques me like I do.

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