I’d deal with real life stress using games if it didn’t make me lose track of so much time


Am I a gamer?
Yes. But not as much as I would like to be. Unfortunately moving to Toronto meant leaving my Playstation at my parent’s house. It was heartbreaking. And I’m still not over it.
I do, however, when the moment finally arrives, play the occasional online or computer-based game. Recently I’ve gotten really into following the suggestions of games played by the Youtuber Pewdiepie, I don’t watch the entire video series because of spoilers. But I do like to get a nice preview of what I can expect from the game.
I actually really like card games as well, I’m not sure if it is because of the fact that playing cards were the only way I got to be around my older cousins or because I just genuinely like it. Either way, I’m always down to play cards or learn new card games.
Because I like to think that I have a well-rounded experience with games, my perspective on the very clear issues and overall gaming culture didn’t significantly change.
I do think that TV, movies and even books will be even more impacted by the gaming culture than they already are now. I think it will be more common (as it is with more franchises) to build games that spin off from the story line of the movie. But I also wouldn’t be surprised if one day the games come with the movie and that people will be faced with the decision of whether they want to buy a gaming ticket or a movie ticket at the theatre rather than VIP or regular.
I do agree with Jane McGonigal’s notion of gaming for a better world, but I am worried about the types of games that will bring. Although they reinforce good qualities that everyone needs to work on, “good” games aren’t always fun or the most exciting to play, in a lot of ways they could be on par with those reading games you were forced to play as a kid, and they sucked. Like actually, there was no tricking kids into thinking those were games… It was very clear that it was a lesson and I personally hated it so much that I learnt nothing from it.

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