Run Away, there are many all nighters to come!

For class, we have to create a motion graphic animated 5 or 10-second trailer for a book or movie. I’m not sure why but when we were talking about this in lecture the first thing that came to mind was creating a trailer for a children’s book. I’m probably being naive but I seem to think that it is going to be easier.
I’ve had some experience with illustration and animation before but most of that has been with stop motion. Which is why I decided to take the daring step of not doing stop motion and animating a character. I’ve already had to cut out some of the “genius” brainstorms I had for this animation, either because they were too complex or there simply isn’t enough time.
Considering this project is due in roughly two weeks I still have a lot of work to get done. But I have made some progress, I have all of the figures drawn out, and I have chosen narrowed it to a choice between two pieces of music. I also have my mouths were drawn out (I’m going to cheat a bit and just scanning them in and trace over them in photoshop).
Mouthes off Page
At this point, my biggest fear is that I’ll go over the five-second mark and not have enough content to fill 10 seconds. But I calm myself with the fact that with other projects I have more than enough content and will probably end up having to decide what to cut out.
I just hope that I don’t end up hating this cute little monster by the end, this isn’t going to be easy but I have a feeling it’s going to be a thrilling experience.

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