Here’s the Big Plan

M_Sutherland_Scene 1 Hungry Dragon_Motion Graphic Prototype

M_Sutherland_Scene 2 Dragon and Tractor_Motion Graphic Prototype

M_Sutherland_Scene 3 Dragon and Broccoli with Text_Motion Graphic Prototype


For my book trailer, I am choosing the children’s book Monsters don’t eat Broccoli. The trailer starts with a dragon walking along a moving screen with a grumbling tummy. He comes across a tractor and excitedly picks it up and gobbles it down. But his stomach still grumbles, so he continues along and comes across some broccoli. After sniffing it he turns away in disgust and the title appears.
Although the book shows the monsters as cut out type animation, I choose a more smooth animated look. For this, I based my character off the animation for “Dumb ways to Die”. Following that theme, I will have a bouncy and happy tune playing in the background along with the sound effects that correlate to what is happening in the picture. From the use of my storyline and the animation technique, I think that my trailer will be appropriate for my demographic of children.


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